Sa Fulla

The beginning of our gastronomic history, in 2014, is with Fulla d’Ostra in Barcelona. The essence of our restaurant is the creative cuisine of Chef Hector Marceló, with his Chilean roots and those of the different coutries he has travelled.

We decided to look for a new place to settle down. Palma de Mallorca fascinated us, with its vibrant Santa Catalina neighborhood.

To change, to create and innovate are in our veins. So, we recreated Fulla d’Ostra into Sa Fulla Restaurant. New logo, new menu in a more informal and contemporary combination, just like the wonderful island of Mallorca.

Come and join our history!

Our Chef

Chef Hector Marceló

Hector Marceló  discovered his passion for cooking still in the primary school, back in his native Chile. Since then, cuisine has followed him for all his life, his trips and his professional trajectory.

Studying with renowned Chefs, to be able to take the best from each gastronomic culture. In Sa Fulla Restaurant , Chef Hector Marceló introduces a fresh selection of dishes, with his own local and creative spin.

"I blend tradition with innovation. I search to offer the most flavour in all my recipes"

Our wine selection

You are invited to enjoy a selection of the best rated wines
of Mallorca and the classic winemakers regions from Spain.

The selection is made by visiting the wineries, with the advice of sommeliers
and harmonizing with the dishes of the chef Hector Marceló.


Claudio Gutmann – Founding partner